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All Your Questions

Have questions but don't dare ask them? I will try to answer the most frequent questions of my newlyweds! Before going a little further, I wanted to share with you my vision of marriage in a few words: joy, emotions, laughter and of course love! What I always say to my newlyweds, the most important thing is to have a good time. So relax and enjoy! Yes, this day will pass very quickly so enjoy and savor every second .. I take care of the rest!

To tell you a bit about myself, I think I'm like my photos: natural, smiling and dynamic! No fuss with me. I work a lot with feeling, and the first advice I give to the bride and groom is to choose the right photographer. Because more than a provider, it is the person who will follow you all day long and who will be closest to you. In addition to immortalizing your day, I am also here to put the dress back in place, pay attention to the little strand of rebellious hair, reassure you and answer all your questions on D-Day. Weddings are also beautiful encounters that sometimes turn into friendships!


From the top of my 28 years, I am also more than pro whether in the relationship with my married or in my work: emergency equipment, discretion (the photo yes but not at any price!), Double backup of Pictures...

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Where do you live ? Do you travel in France and abroad?

I am a globetrotter at heart! After Strasbourg and Paris, I plan to settle down for a while in the beautiful region of Montpellier. I travel regularly to Europe and Asia, so it will be a pleasure to follow you to the other side of the world! Travel costs vary depending on the location of your wedding so tell me about your wedding and I will send you a quote.

What is your photographic style?

My golden rule in photography is natural! Above all, I love photos taken on the fly: laughter, tender eyes, tears in my eyes ... Nothing better to transcribe the emotions of your wedding!

I know that it is never very easy to pose in front of a device, that's why I guide you and try as much as possible to relax to make the couple session more fun and more natural! I particularly like talking with you, making you laugh and capturing the moments of tenderness and love without being too rigid. This is why it is important to devote time to the couple session to create an intimate and peaceful bubble in your marriage.

My main objective and that you have a wonderful day, without worrying constantly about the photos, that's why I want to make myself forgotten during the ceremonies.

Check out my wedding photos!

Can we have an example of a report?

Yes of course! During our first contact I will send you if you wish links to the galleries of my last married. Nothing better than concrete examples!

Do you give all raw photos?

I consider my work finished after performing the post processing of the photos. This is why I do not deliver RAW photos because it would only give you half of my work.

How long do we have to wait before receiving our photos?

The number of photos taken during your wedding can go up to several thousand! The maximum delivery time is two months after the date of the wedding. The first photos will be available just a few days after your wedding in your private gallery.

How many photos will we receive?

With me no photo limit! Why keep memories for me that you could share with your loved ones? To give you an idea, I usually deliver between 800 and 1200 photos.

What is the budget?

My prices start from 1600€ for a presence of the ceremonies until the end of cocktail. The couple, engagement or Day After session is 200€.

My packages include a 30min trip around Uchaud, a gallery where your loved ones can download your wedding photos for free, a delivery of the photos on a USB key and an engraved wooden box.


I also offer a wide variety of services such as albums or post-wedding sessions...

Contact me for full rates.

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Are photos of the preparations useful?

In my own opinion, this is one of the moments of the day that he prefers to photograph! It is during the preparations that we can immortalize beautiful emotions, proud parents, close family and moved dads ...

It is also an opportunity to photograph details like the embroidery of the dress, the shoes, the small flowers of the hairstyle ... so many things that can quickly be forgotten!

For group photos, how do we organize ourselves?

It's a classic, in all weddings there is always Aunt Simone's girlfriend who wants her photo with the bride and groom. You see what I mean ? Joking aside, if you really want to take group photos, I advise you not to spend too much time on them. A photo with all the guests at the exit of the town hall / church or at the reception, and of course with the parents are essential. But today, spending more than 30min for group photos is something I strongly advise against.

When is the best time to take couple photos?

Ideally, I would say at the end of the day, possibly after the reception and before the meal for softer lights. But of course it depends above all on the organization of your wedding. The idea is to create an intimate bubble where you take the time to find yourself both in the whirlwind of this day!

For the duration, plan 15-20min. The duration is actually adapted on D-Day depending on the teaming, the weather and your desires.

I also propose to realize your couple session another day which allows us to have a really extra result and especially without stress!

Other questions ?

It's this way !

Share your wedding project!

Thank you for what you sent !

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